Refrigerated Truck and Trailer Shipping

No cold shoulders, only cold shipments

Front half of a white semi truck driving down a road with a lake view.

Helping you keep your cool and
your shipments even cooler

Refrigerated shipments contain some of the most sensitive cargo. When a few degrees are the difference between profits and losses you want a 3PL who knows the stakes. We specialize in refrigerated freight because we regularly work with the food and beverage industries.

Our team vets all of our shipping partners carefully to guarantee that your freight stays cool in the hottest conditions. We know that making sure the refrigerated trailer is in excellent condition makes the difference between successful shipments and disaster. Our success rate speaks for itself. 98% on time and damage free refrigerated delivery over our entire history.

“We are very happy with the service we get from our sales rep and company and plan to increase our business with Five Star Logistics.” - FSL Customer