Equipment Transport

Shipping equipment covers a wide range of freight classes and special requirements. Every business’s freight is different. You need a partner who understands the care your freight requires. You need a 3PL that regularly ships freight just like yours. Most importantly you need the assurance that your shipment is being tracked every step of the way.

Frequently Shipped Products

Equipment FAQs

Can I ship a large piece of farm or bakery equipment that isn’t on a pallet?

Yes, the load would be contracted based on how many feet or pallet spots it occupies on the trailer.

Large equipment pieces can be floor loaded and no pallet is needed for transportation.

Will my large equipment need any special handling requirements i.e. straps or load bars?

That is something that would be stipulated by the shipper. Our carriers can provide load bars and seals if requested.

What is the maximum height that can fit inside a trailer?

This varies depending on equipment type. Most dry vans have an inside height of 108 inches.

More specifically, for a 53 foot trailer, the height is 102 inches. For a 26 foot box truck, the height is 95 inches.

Need more information?

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