Food freight is a broad category encompassing food for human consumption, pet food and treats, and animal feed. Food freight is a critical component of the food supply chain at nearly every level. When you need on time shipments and a focus on food safety, you ship with Five Star.

Frequently Shipped Products

Food FAQs

When shipping food items, who will provide a seal for the trailer?

The seal should be provided by the shipper and notated on the BOL. If not, the drivers have seals and can provide seals when needed.

Do you need food grade quality equipment when shipping food products?

Yes! The trailers need to be clean, no smells, holes, or debris when shipping food products.

Will my shipments arrive at the destination in a sealed trailer when shipping LTL?

Five Star Logistics requires all carriers/drivers to seal the trailers for full truckload, LTL shipments may be padlocked because of the possibility of multiple deliveries.

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