Packaging & Plastic Transportation

Some common types of packaging are glass and cardboard. Both have a high freight class and unique requirements due to their fragility. Glass requires an air ride trailer. Cardboard often can’t be double stacked due to compression. If you contract a carrier, especially for LTL loads, they may not know about these product requirements. When you work with us you are also working with some of the most trusted carriers in the industry. Your freight will deliver on time and undamaged.
Frequently Shipped Products

Packaging & Plastic FAQs

How much insurance coverage do you provide on shipments?

Most truckload shipments are insured up to $100,000. On LTL shipments, insurance varies depending on weight. We can always provide extra insurance when needed.

My plastics have a high freight class of 250, is there a better cost savings to ship other than an LTL company?

Depending on the lane and size of the shipment, we can ship with an over the road carrier to save on the cost for higher freight classes.

Will you transport recycled packaging products?

Yes! We can handle your recycled product shipments. Although we specialize in food grade transportation, we have carrier partners who routinely transport recycled materials.

Need more information?

Reach out to our sales team for personalized information about your specific needs.