Expedited Shipping

For when speed is essential

Small delivery truck with back doors open and pallets stacked on top of each other.

Rapid shipments, simplified

Some customers always need product on short notice. It is a pain to arrange freight when the customer says they need product immediately. Expedited shipments make sure that when your customers need you most you can be there on time.

Expedited shipments take many forms but the most common is a sprinter van. These small but mighty vehicles can carry a few pallets across town or across the country in no time flat! For those occasions when you need a full truckload expedited, we have a network of team drivers who can haul your freight virtually nonstop door-to-door. We also offer box truck expedited shipping for those loads that don’t need a full truck but can’t fit in a sprinter van.

“You are our HERO! Thanks for making it happen.” - FSL Customer