Hazmat Shipping

Hazmat freight is any potentially poisonous or flammable substance which is a risk to the safety of individuals or the environment if spilled. This means that hazmat freight is more difficult to ship due to safe handling and environmental regulations. We are the hazmat freight experts! You need a partner who can handle the red tape. We work with our customers to streamline the process. We will create UN Numbers for your hazmat shipment and make sure that a special BOL is provided in accordance with regulations. Your freight is safe with us.
Frequently Shipped Products

Hazmat‚Äč FAQs

Do freight brokers need a hazmat certification?

We are a freight broker and use carriers and partners that have been certified to handle hazardous materials.

Carriers and drivers that ship hazmat products are required to have a hazmat certification. 

Does hand sanitizer require hazmat shipping?

Yes, most hand sanitizers contain alcohol and would be considered hazmat applicable.

What does it mean when an item is hazmat?

It means that the product may pose a reasonable risk to health, property, or the environment.

Hazardous materials must be shipped in accordance with FMCSA guidelines.

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